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Do you own a business blog that is using the WordPress platform and are looking for a way to improve your blog’s performance, expand it’s capabilities, or even increase visitors to it? Below you will find a list of my Top WordPress Plugins for Business Blogs. WordPress Plugins are easy to install, easy to use, and in most cases easy to setup “programs” allowing you increase the functionality of your blog without having to know programming or even recreate the wheel. Let me know your favorite WordPress Plugins for Business Blogs in the comments section after my list of top plugins below.
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In 1973, the University of California at Berkeley was sued for showing bias in admissions for women to their graduate school. Men had a much better chance to be admitted than women according to the statistics given. The reporting showed that this sex bias was unlikely due to chance since the percentage difference between the men and women admitted was so large that it had to be in fact true.

But when the numbers were looked at by individual department, it was actually shown that there was a small but statistically significant bias that favored the women in actually having a higher chance at being admitted.

How can this be? Simple, it’s called Simpson’s Paradox. Simpson’s Paradox is when the trends derived from the data from individual subgroups are reversed when the groups are combined.

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Advanced Web Ranking

Three very important but always time consuming tasks of starting, running, and maintain your SEO program for your business or clients are keyword discovery, monitoring your search engine rankings for inclusion, improvement or decline (change) in rankings, and competitive research and ranking.

Fortunately, for those who are willing to give up some of the manual work and let an automated tool either do the research and reporting work for you almost in its entirety, or supplement your manual work there is a well known tool called Advanced Web Ranking.

Advanced Web Ranking, as a SEO keyword research tool can be very helpful in providing the data you need so that you can concentrate on creating great content for your visitors and other websites to link to, as well as optimizing your pages and websites for the best possible rankings they deserve.

Let’s be honest, in most cases if your website doesn’t appear on the first page of organic results when a user performs a search query at a search engine on keywords or phrases that your site represents or covers, you don’t exist. Of course the higher-up on the search engine results pages the better, but exact positioning (i.e. a guaranteed #1 ranking) is out of your complete control in many cases due to many signals and factors including personalization results returned based on the users past search patterns and geographical location.
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google_analytics_opt_out_browser_add_onBack on May 25th, Google released a browser add-on that stops (prevents) a users data from being sent from their computer when they visit a website that uses Google Analytics tracking. This add-on works for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google’s own browser – Chrome.

Of course, Google wants to be in the forefront of user privacy and at the same time providing website owners with more data so they can spend more promotional money with Google such as on Google AdWords or enterprise versions of some of their other “products”.

Remember the pop-up window? It wasn’t too long before enough people complained and browsers started blocking pop-ups by default and of course many greedy or unethical website owners were using the pop-ups for evil as well.

Now, I am sure that many web surfers don’t know about this Google Analytics blocking add-on at this time, so not much to worry about today, but what it brings to my mind is that of what would happen if it became a default standard for browsers (or some advanced virus protection software) to block Google Analytics, Omniture, or any of the other common Analytics tracking programs, in the name of improving user privacy? What about if enough of a percentage, unknown to you choose this down the road, how reliable will your data be?

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Google announced their Gmail Priority Inbox feature today which will basically separate (re: filter) your email into 3 different categories as they arrive, essentially dividing up those emails into:

  1. Important and unread
  2. Starred
  3. Everything else

According to their blog post Email overload? Try Priority Inbox over at The Official Gmail Blog, Gmail will use a variety of signals to predict which email messages are important and over time using your email habits determine which “box” each arriving email should go into.

If you are an email marketer, will your emails end up in the Important and Unread “box”, my guess this early on is “probably not” if the recipient’s habits don’t have them opening your emails frequently or responding back. They even make a reference to it (bacn) in their post. Who knows for sure at this point, but it will be interesting to see how this plays out over time.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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