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My time is just as yours is, extremely valuable. This requires me to make the best use of the time I am getting paid for as I only have a set number of hours a day to get things done. Just like you, I have multiple projects at any time being either started or that need to be completed.

At minimum, I get at least ten free webinar email invites each week from various businesses that want some portion of my time. Usually, I don’t have the time to even attend one free webinar.  I may register for one just in case some time clears up for a topic I want to learn more about, or use as a refresher, but usually I don’t ever show up. I don’t show up because often my memory kicks in and I remember how disappointed I was in most of the webinars I attended in the past.

However, once in a great while there will be one webinar that I get excited about attending and just can’t wait for that time to come, and if it turns out to be a good one I walk away having benefited in some manner. Most of the time though the invites get deleted because they just aren’t convincing enough to make me want to exchange my time for what is being offered in the webinar email invite.

Does your free webinar invite answer any of these common questions that recipients often ask themselves?

  1. Why is this webinar relevant to me or what I do?
  2. What will I learn by attending and what will be covered?
  3. How will it benefit me by attending?
  4. Why is the presenter fit to teach me, what makes them someone I want to listen to? Prove it!
  5. Are you going to try to sell me something, and if so is it 80% sales pitch, 20% content?
  6. Have you helped others already, what are others saying – i.e. testimonials
  7. The email creative and copy bores me, too generic, stock photos I’ve seen before 100 times, too much copy that rambles -will the webinar be just as generic, dry, or unprofessional?
  8. Is there be a question and answer session?
  9. Can I email questions ahead of time? If so, to what email address?
  10. Do I have to pay for the call? Am I paying for you to give me a sales pitch?
  11. What time does the webinar start in MY time zone?
  12. How long will the webinar last?


Most importantly, your webinar content must match what you promise to offer in the invite and preferably even more to increase the WOW factor.

Your turn! What other common questions can you think of? Let me know!

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