Welcome to Josh Baker's Practical Advice for Optimizing Your Internet Marketing blog. Here you will find internet marketing optimization and online strategy articles full of tips, tricks, discussions, and thoughts to help you take your marketing and business to the next level of success.

About Josh Baker

Ever since I started my very first profitable business way back in the first grade I’ve been obsessed with how to improve business and optimize my marketing efforts.

It wasn’t until 1995 that I decided to expand my offline business into the online arena by opening an ecommerce website. It was at this point that I started learning and exploring online marketing optimization techniques and experiencing how the benefits were able to improve my marketing ROI and put more money into my pocket through increased revenue. It was amazing to be able to so rapidly bypass distributors and retail outlets and so easily expand my business, even internationally, by being able to interact with customers directly. From there on out I knew that it was imperative to consistently uncover and implement ways to increase visitor and customer response through online marketing optimization in order to continue to see gains in the online channels.

My entrepreneurial love for business and all things marketing has allowed me to successfully create and then increase revenue in many industries from music & entertainment, to affiliate marketing (as a publisher, an advertiser, and as a full service sponsor), an ecommerce credit card gateway service, retail and service brick and mortar businesses, publishing and so much more. From internet marketing to direct marketing, from large budgets to low budget guerilla marketing the challenges, the experiences,  the thrills of success and the education from  any less than desired outcomes has been influential in my success and growth.  My desire to learn and improve upon my business and marketing skills is never ending.

I started this blog to share what I love, what I have learned, to explore what I don’t know, and to reach out and connect with others who share this same passion for internet marketing and marketing optimization. I look forward to reaching the goals in this venture that I have set out to attain, and meeting you along the way.

Industry Certifications:

  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification (2009) – Google
  • Online Testing Professional Certification (2007) – Marketing Experiments (MEC)
  • Landing Page Optimization Certification (2007) – Marketing Experiments (MEC)