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Pay-Per-Call Lead Generation


A great way to increase your lead volume and most likely more qualified leads is to work with vendors who provide pay-per-call lead generation services

First let me quickly explain what pay-per-call lead generation is for those who are unaware. Pay-per-call lead generation is when a vendor sells you leads, but instead of just handing the information over to you to follow-up with the prospect, the lead is “delivered” to you over the phone where you have a live lead to speak with on the phone.

Typically the lead is a bit further in the sales cycle with pay-per-call leads as the lead wants to speak with a live person rather than filling out a web form to get a free white paper or such, but it really depends on your product or the offering that is used to get the lead to want to speak with you. As a side note, make sure you understand how the vendor will be promoting your offer so that you can make sure the messaging is congruent with your business and meets your approval.

The two most common ways that leads are transferred to you are via a warm transfer where the vendor generates the interest, the lead calls them, and they transfer over the lead to you and the vendor stays on the phone with you until the hand-off of the lead is made (sometimes with an introduction such as “I have Prospect X on the phone and they would like to speak with you about XYZ”, or they promote a phone number of yours in the their lead generation marketing and the lead calls you directly.

Within the two most common pay-per-call lead transferring ways mentioned above, the most common ways to be charged for the lead are as follows:

  1. Flat rate per lead they transfer to you, this is typically cheaper than #2 as you could get a mix of qualified or unqualified leads, but all does depend on your specific contract and if any filters are in place to pre-qualify the lead.
  2. Flat rate per lead they transfer over to you where the call lasts over X many minutes or seconds as predetermined in your lead buying contract. This way insures that you only pay for calls where the lead is qualified where perhaps someone who stays on the phone longer than 90 seconds has passed your inbound sales groups initial qualifying questions, or prevents paying on calls where the lead just wants your website address or other similar unqualified lead filter you have.
  • In some instances, you may pay a small fee (such as a few dollars) for the call, and then the majority of the charge if the prospect stays on the phone longer than a certain period of time.

If you are interested in learning more or speaking with Pay-Per-Call lead generating vendors, just do a Google search and you will find many many vendors who offer this service.

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