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42 CPC & CPM Ad Networks to Review


Do you want to expand past the big 2 – Google and Bing, to either advertise on or to monetize your website or blog through? Below are a list of 42 Ad Networks for you to review as additional options. This list consists of a combination of CPC and CPM Ad Networks, with some providing both.

Many will cost much less than the big 2 but will provide less traffic as well. Depending on what you are marketing they could convert worse or better for you, however in my experience they convert worse from a percentage standpoint but some have had a better ROI than Adwords. Many of these Ad Networks can be tested for $50-$100 each (or sometimes even less) depending on the specific Ad Network you choose in combination with your niche or market you are promoting to.

If you are trying to monetize your site, most of these will pay-out less than Adsense on a per-click basis depending on the network. In some instances the ads may be less recognizable by your visitors if they are used to only seeing Adsense ads on the sites they visit thus increasing the freshness level or opportunity for you.

Unless you test a couple of these Ad Networks out you wont know for sure how they will perform for you – so give a couple of these a test run.

  1. 7 Search
  2. ABC Search
  3. Ad Marketplace
  4. Adbrite
  5. Adengage
  6. Admanage
  7. AdToll
  8. Advertise
  9. ASK
  10. Bidvertiser
  11. Bizo
  12. Business.com
  13. Casale Media
  14. Chitika
  15. Clicksor
  16. ClickThruTraffic
  17. Enhance
  18. ePilot
  19. Etology
  20. Exit Junction
  21. eZanga
  22. Facebook
  23. Fastclick
  24. FinanceClicks
  25. Go Click
  26. Kanoodle
  27. Klickvip
  28. Looksmart
  29. Mamma
  30. Mirago
  31. Miva
  32. Peakclick
  33. Revtwt
  34. Search 123
  35. Search feed
  36. Searchfeed
  37. Target Point
  38. Thegreenppc
  39. TrafficVance
  40. Twivert
  41. Umax
  42. ValueClick
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