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Review: Advanced Web Ranking & Advanced Link Manager – Two SEO Weapons

Advanced Web Ranking Screenshot

Advanced Web Ranking

Three very important but always time consuming tasks of starting, running, and maintain your SEO program for your business or clients are keyword discovery, monitoring your search engine rankings for inclusion, improvement or decline (change) in rankings, and competitive research and ranking.

Fortunately, for those who are willing to give up some of the manual work and let an automated tool either do the research and reporting work for you almost in its entirety, or supplement your manual work there is a well known tool called Advanced Web Ranking.

Advanced Web Ranking, as a SEO keyword research tool can be very helpful in providing the data you need so that you can concentrate on creating great content for your visitors and other websites to link to, as well as optimizing your pages and websites for the best possible rankings they deserve.

Let’s be honest, in most cases if your website doesn’t appear on the first page of organic results when a user performs a search query at a search engine on keywords or phrases that your site represents or covers, you don’t exist. Of course the higher-up on the search engine results pages the better, but exact positioning (i.e. a guaranteed #1 ranking) is out of your complete control in many cases due to many signals and factors including personalization results returned based on the users past search patterns and geographical location.

With Advanced Web Ranking, after the easy initial set-up you can sit back and let the software retrieve the data you need to aid you in your search engine optimization efforts.  You can

  1. Check your website rankings for a single keyword or phrase or list of keywords and phrases in a wide variety of search engines to see how you currently rank. Use this list to work on improvements and then run the program every couple weeks to see if you have improved on any of the terms.
  2. Check which competitors rank for the terms you have chosen to retrieve data on. Advanced Web Rankings gives you the top ranked sites for keyword and search engine combination’s you have chosen. Upon this data retrieval you can do some competitive analysis by knowing and who has the top rankings for the terms you want to ranking well for in order to do some more intensive research
  3. Generate a huge list of interactive reports that are as easy as a click on a tab. These reports include:
    1. Current Rank – report that provides information on the rank evolution of your chosen websites list that you are monitoring for the keywords you have chosen (for a single search engine), so that you can see performance over a time period, with KPI’s indicating Position, Previous Ranking, Change (green for improvement, red for decline), what Page the result is on, and your best position to date since you have been running the program. This is more focused on the websites
    2. Keyword Rank – this report provides rank evolution for all of the keywords in your list for all of your websites on a single engine and provides the same KPI’s as the Current Rank report. Unlike the Current Rank report which focuses more on the websites, this provides data on both websites and your keywords together.
    3. Search Engine Rank – report that provides you with your current search engine ranking across all selected search engines for all of your sites for a selected keyword.
    4. Top Sites – displays all the top ranked websites and their position for your selected keywords and search engine. This saves a lot of time as to manually get this information you would go to each search engine and do a search query and then document the top sites returned in the given results. You can also dig deeper to see further into a specific date comparison to what changed.
    5. Overview – this report is the grand-daddy dashboard and splits the report into 3 sort-able sections – Websites, Keywords, and Search Engines giving you an all-at-once glance at your keywords, each of your websites, and your search engines and how you rank in each and an icon to notate improvement or not in your date range comparison.
    6. Visibility – This as the report is named, shows your visibility across multiple search engines. It will provide data on how many first place rankings you have, how many in the top 5, top 10, how many moved up or down in rankings,  how many pages have been dropped, a visibility score, your overall ranking,  how many new rankings you have, and so on. Great top-level executive overview, but drilling down makes it actionable for you.
  4. View Graphical Evolution Charts that show you the data retrieved but in a graphical view to quickly scout out opportunities, problems, and overall performance. Current charts available are:
    1. Current Rank Chart
    2. Keyword Rank Chart
    3. Search Engine Rank Chart
    4. Visibility Chart
    5. Overview Report

A convenient feature that Advanced Web Ranking has is the ability to set it to gather data at any specified interval of time that you desire, be a daily, weekly, bi weekly, or any other possible reoccurring time frame you desire so that you can easily maintain a performance schedule of your SEO efforts. After running the reports, you can opt to have it uploaded to your server via FTP for download, save it locally to your computer, or even emailed to you or your clients.

I’ve repeatedly gather this information manually for many years, and depending on the size of your keyword list and the amount of websites you have (or amount of clients you are working for), not to mention just the initial keyword research that has to be done, this can take days to get to. Add in the additional time it takes to manually keep this information updated at a minimum of monthly intervals and you have spent too many hours on data retrieval that Advanced Web Ranking could easily take care of for you.

For more information on Advanced Web Ranking, a complete list of features and screenshots along with information on the different versions they offer, check out their website at http://www.advancedwebranking.com/.


Another very helpful SEO software tool, which is used for link popularity management and link building, offered by Caphyon LTD, makers of Advanced Web Ranking is Advanced Link Manager.

With Advanced Link Manager you can analyze the link popularity of your websites or webpages by:

1)      Easily finding out what other websites are linking to your website, and what keywords they are using to link to you.

2)      Discover who is linking to your competitors websites

You can also use Advanced Link Manager to find potential linking partners in your niche or market.  Using its data retrieval information to find others in your niche or market based upon your keyword list, it will give you a list of who to contact that you may want to exchange links with. The more quality websites that link to your website, especially using appropriate keywords, is one of the signals used by the engines to help you rank better. Even use it as a link manager tool to make sure those who you have link trades with are maintaining their end of the deal.

With its Webpage Analyzer feature you can analyze pages of your website or even against your competitor’s websites and get data back to help you find new ways of improving onpage optimization, saving you hours of research.

For a full list of features of Advanced Link Manager, and the ways it can help you optimize, organize, and maintain your link popularity, view the Advanced Link Managers features page.

Now what are you going to do with all that extra free time you will have?


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