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Will Gmail’s Priorty Inbox Hurt Your Email Marketing Efforts?


Google announced their Gmail Priority Inbox feature today which will basically separate (re: filter) your email into 3 different categories as they arrive, essentially dividing up those emails into:

  1. Important and unread
  2. Starred
  3. Everything else

According to their blog post Email overload? Try Priority Inbox over at The Official Gmail Blog, Gmail will use a variety of signals to predict which email messages are important and over time using your email habits determine which “box” each arriving email should go into.

If you are an email marketer, will your emails end up in the Important and Unread “box”, my guess this early on is “probably not” if the recipient’s habits don’t have them opening your emails frequently or responding back. They even make a reference to it (bacn) in their post. Who knows for sure at this point, but it will be interesting to see how this plays out over time.

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