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Online A/B Split Test Calculator


Are you running an A/B split test for a marketing, email, ppc, or direct mail campaigns and want to know if you have a statistically significant winner to go live with? I recently built a quick and easy online A/B split test calculator at www.SplitTestCalculator.com that will answer this exact question for you.

Please make sure that when you fill out the calculator with your test information that you then click on the calculate results button and look below it in the results section to see if you have a winner or not.

If the A/B calculator says that you have a winner, you can determine the winner very easily by just looking at the conversion rates of  each of the panels and the one with the better conversion rate is your winner. If the A/B split test calculator results declare that you don’t have a winner then you will need to run your test longer, or run a different test.

You can try out my online A/B split test calculator at www.SplitTestCalculator.com .


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