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Segmenting Visitors for a Deeper Bounce Rate Insight



Bounce Rate by definition for a web page is the total number of visitors who enter your website through a particular page and then leave your site without viewing another page divided by the total number who visit that same page. Simplified, bounce rate is the percentage of people who enter your web site, visit only that single web page they entered on, and then leave – without viewing another page. The bounce rate of your high traffic or important web page’s is a highly actionable metric to know.

Although most web analytics tools make it simple to extract your websites or an individual web page’s bounce rate, looking at the bounce rate when presented in aggregate is definitely not as insightful or actionable as it could be and potentially lead to misinterpretation.

Let me explain – your bounce rate by default, without segmenting the data, is typically presenting a bounce rates determined from multiple visitor segments – both the good and the bad. Most likely then, you are then making possible inferences on that bounce rate to that page that could potentially affect all visitor segments – not just the ones that are bouncing.

For instance, let’s say that you run a membership website and want to look at the bounce rate of a particular popular web page that just so happens that both your members and non-members each visit.


  • 1,000 visitors visit your site and out of the 1,000 visitors, 520 visitors bounce
  • 600 of those visitors visits are non-members and out of the 600, 475 visitors bounce
  • 400 of those visitors visits are members and out of the 400, 45 visitors bounce

Page bounce rate (aggregated: 520 divided by 1,000): 52% bounce rate

Segmenting it out between non-members and members:

  • Non-members: 79% bounce rate
  • Members: 11% bounce rate

This is a little more insightful now isn’t it; the dangerous levels of visitors bouncing who are non-members is much more severe than looking at the data as an aggregate number of all of your visitors together. 79% of those non-members who you potentially want to become members are bouncing, not 52% which you would have assumed when loo

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