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Creating a Website that is a True Conversion and Lead Generating Machine


Let’s Take a Simple Multiple Choice Test:

Question: Who is your site actually built for?blue_keyboard

Hint: It’s the same group of people that should be designing your website.

Choose your Answer:
A) Your Company (web design team, marketers, IT, etc)

B) The end user (i.e. your actual or potential customers)

If you chose B, you are correct! If you chose A, then you probably work for a company whose website isn’t effective as it could be and still wondering why.

If your company is like most companies, implemented ideas and then changes to your websites layout, design, navigation and other features are usually made based on internal decisions by HiPPOS (Highest Paid Persons Opinion). Decisions based on irrational factors such as your competitors site looks a certain way so “we should do it too”, Amazon does it, my ego wants it, and even “it looks prettier”.

A high-performing website is designed by your user’s interactions based around common website usability best practices and grown from there.

  • If your users can’t easily get to (or find) what they want, they can’t buy what you have.
  • If your web page, product presentation, whitepaper, etc., doesn’t provide the right value to them in their minds, they won’t be willing to exchange money, information-email address, phone number, and so on for it.

Luckily, your users are telling you how they want your site to work, look, or communicate every day in your analytics data. They tell you how they feel about the perceived value of your whitepapers when they fill out their personal information for it, or when they don’t. When you run a multivariate test, they are also telling you how they want your page to work (i.e. we convert more when your page looks like this!)

Your end user is telling you how to design your site, listen to them – they are the ones who you’re trying to convert to a lead or generate a sale from, not your co-workers. Now, why would you listen to anyone else?

photo by Darren Hester

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