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4 Items for My Google Website Optimizer Wishlist


I have just a few ideas that I would like to see Google Website Optimizer (GWO) provide to its users (or at least some that I wish for).  I am big on documentation so it would be great to see some internal documentation and reporting features in the admin along with some more testing ability. By no means is this a complete list, and I should say that I am very happy with GWO – but these ideas popped into my head and thought I would share them for your comments or suggestions as well:

  • Date selection for each test – be able to select a time range for a test in order to look at the results by a user selected time period. This is more for curiosities sake on my part.


  •  Ability to add notes to tests – it would useful to be able to make notes about tests within the test admin itself for each test. Many times we have multiple people looking at a test and I would like to leave comments and get responses within the test, not only for ease but for permanent documentation. 
  • Allow the testing of more sections and areas – currently you can only test 8 sections and 127 variations. At least let me have 12 sections please!


  • Set up auto-emailing of daily reports – how nice it would be to get a daily or twice-daily email report of the current results that I could set up.


I haven’t thought this one through completely yet, not sure it’s recommendable – but the idea intrigues me:

  • Turn off test during certain time periods and auto turn back on – Here me out on this one first. Let’s say you are a lead generation model, you already turn your PPC campaigns off on weekends, etc. – all due to the fact that you have determined that weekend leads are ineffective, of poor quality and not-cost effective for you to follow-up with. Maybe you are a B2B and the weekend leads mainly consist of consumers. What if you could optimize for your weekday visitors only by having it shut off on Friday nights and turn back on Monday morning?


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