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A/B Testing Calculators


Do you need an A/B split testing calculator to determine which sample or page is the winner of your test, to see if your test is statistically significant, or to calculate how many impressions or conversions you will need to run your A/B Test?

Here are four A/B testing calculators for you to use to determine your test results:

  • SplitTestCalculator.com’s Split Test A/B Testing Calculator:
    My easy-to-use online split test and A/B test calculator to determine if you have a statistically significant winner from your landing page, ppc, email, or direct mail split A/B test.
  • Bulldog Solutions’ Simple A/B Testing Calculator and Advanced A/B Testing Calculator: (update: looks like they have taken it down)
    Two different excel spreadsheets with video demos on how to use them. The first spreadsheet, the Simple A/B Testing Calculator has a preset 90% significance level. The Advanced A/B Testing Calculator allows you to set your significance level and provided a separate tab to calculate the sample size needed. You can also view their PDF on What’s Under the Hood of their A/B Testing Calculators.
  • PPC G-Test Calculator by SEOTools:
    This online split testing calculator will let you uncover the results to a 2 sample test. It tells you the winner of the test with the confidence level. Be careful though as it’s not based on a preset significance level nor can you set one. But reading the test analysis you can easily see what the confidence level of your results are and decide for yourself if there is enough statistical significance.
  • UserEffects’ Split Test Calculator & Decision Tool:
    A simple to use online testing calculator, however this one gives you an analysis of your test including an estimate of how many more visitors you might need to reach a 90% confidence level in your test.



Hey thanks, Josh, for this information. I really didn’t know about these until now. I’ll try to give these a shot. I appreciate it.

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