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PPC Landing Page Optimization – Keeping the Continuity in Your Message


If you’re investing in Paid Search then it will most certainly and profitably make your wallet happy if you clearly understand how to optimize your landing pages that visitors arrive at after clicking on your PPC display ads to increase conversions.

Of course you will need to perform testing on your landing pages to determine the best page combination of elements statistically speaking-but it’s important to understand or to at least be reminded of the importance of carrying your message through in landing page optimization.  Understanding this concept will help you in choosing initial test elements to test.

IMPORTANT: Your message needs to be carried over from your display ad to your landing page.

If someone is on Google or any other search engine doing a search on Apple products and your display ad copy influences them to click based on its references to your special deals on Apple products, but the landing page features and talks about Microsoft products, the visitor in most instances won’t spend the time to find out where you have that information placed or hidden, it’s just too easy for them to use the back button. Additionally, if you are presenting information on your special deals (your offer)  as I mentioned above, and your landing page has the right products, but no mention of the special deals (offer) you can also lose the visitor for many other reasons such as the frustration of feeling they were mislead.

Remember the visitor clicked on your ad because it drew them in by what it had to say, be it a specific product, your offer, your brand, your verbiage, etc. You don’t want to let the visitor bounce and go back and click on the next display ad. And unfortunately, in most cases that next ad will be your competitors’ ad.  You wouldn’t have a sign on your brick and mortar store that says Tire Sale and only have toothbrushes on the shelves.

When you don’t carry over the message, you’re throwing a good portion of your PPC money away on unproductive clicks that won’t convert as often as those who carry over their message from PPC to their landing page.

Therefore it’s extremely important to keep the continuity of your message all the way from your display ad through to the landing page to increase your chances of influencing a conversion.

On a final note, you should know that just carrying over the message isn’t the magic bullet where you don’t have to worry about anything else. You still have to be concerned with your page layout and presentation, your offer, your images, the style and content of your copy and so on. Carrying over your message is just one major but important factor in the process of landing page and landing page optimization success.


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