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A/B Testing Low Traffic Web Pages


Sometimes the website or the page you want to test just doesn’t have enough traffic to really perform an large multi-panel A/B or multivariate test on it with multiple elements or variations. But perhaps you still want to improve upon its performance. Maybe you just recently launched a website and it’s receiving some traffic but you still really believe that you could influence the current traffic better to get better results. Maybe you aren’t getting 100 orders per week, but you are getting 10, and you believe that you should be able to get to 20 orders with improvements to the page without an increase in traffic.

Lower traffic shouldn’t stop you from still performing a small A/B test as you can still learn a great deal of information with the web traffic that you do receive. But the key is to test the high impact elements on the page that are easily noticeable either consciously or subconsciously by the visiting traffic rather than the minutia that would allow you to see incremental improvements with higher traffic pages.

High impact elements will vary according to your page design, but think along the lines of your:

  • Main Headline
  • Page Background Color
  • Main Hero Image
  • Drastically reducing or increasing your registration form fields
  • Your Offer

Of course with less traffic you will only be able to test a few variations due to the fact that you don’t have the traffic to get statistically significant results with lots of variations. However, this shouldn’t stop you from creating a list, sorted by priority of impact to continue testing over time. Maybe you can’t test 6 different page variations right now in the first round of testing, but it might be viable for you to test 2 page variations, and then continue testing your other ideas with the winner of the first round of tests.

Want to learn more about A/B testing your low traffic pages? Check out How to Do A/B Split-Testing on Lower Traffic Sites with Bryan Eisenberg  at Dr. Ralph Wilson’s Web Marketing Today blog.

Good luck and remember although you might not be able to test everything you want to right now, anything you can do to statistically improve your results is a good thing!


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