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MVT Vendor Detector Allows You To Spy on Your Competition’s Testing


Are you curious if your competition is performing any multivariate testing on their website? How about which vendor they are using and what areas of the page they are testing? Maybe you just want to know what your favorite site is doing as far as testing goes because you are fascinated with optimization just as I am.

Well now you can with the MVT Vendor Detector script for the Firefox Greasemonkey add-on. Both are free and install in seconds. Once installed, just go to any page and you will see a message in the top left-hand side of the screen if they are multivariate testing, what platform they are using, and the areas they are testing will be highlighted.

Here is a partial screenshot of it in action (click for larger version):

MVT vendor detector screenshot for multivariate testing spying

MVT vendor detector screenshot for multivariate testing insight


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