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Who Are You Testing for When You Design Your Online Tests


It’s much simpler to see large gains in conversions when you are just starting out with testing to improve your website, or even for those who are blindly performing tests on the basics of what already exists on their website such as button colors, headlines, and images to name just a few examples. These gains happen mostly because many companies place these random elements on their webpage’s because they thought they looked good, represented what they thought they should have on their page, or were possibly even told to do so. Simple testing of these elements for the first time often sees some gains because these pages were never tested for optimal performance in the first place when they were launched.

Who really is your customer? Do you really know your customer or do you just think you do.

Some of the biggest gains and major marketing-optimization-wins appear when you optimize with the customer (by customer I also mean potential customer) in mind. Uncovering who they truly are, why they arrived at your website and what they truly desire, and what can be done to make their experience towards your combined win-win goals better. Typically, you won’t have just one consistent answer to these questions, but instead multiple customer profiles, i.e. if you’re a company like TigerDirect where you may have various profiles and then variations on each such as the IT professional, the gadget-geek, the family looking for a computer, and others.

Your goal isn’t to convert more visitors, but instead your goal should be along the lines of optimizing your website to make it less frustrating, a clearer and more defined path, a more appealing presentation of your offer, more educating, less cluttered, or more engaging for your customers- all of which result in more conversions when you perform testing for the right combination. ¬†Knowing this enables you to understand what you are testing and how to continue past just changing button colors because you haven’t tried that color yet.

Uncover the necessary information about your customers and develop the customer profiles will help you in researching elements both currently known and not known (what you already have, and what you don’t have) to test on your website.


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