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Advanced Segmentation to be Included into Google Analytics.


Google this past week announced some new enterprise features to Google Analytics to increase its functionality. This means new insight allowing you to take action to move closer to your website’s goals.

These new features will be released in beta to all Google Analytics Accounts in the upcoming weeks.

The new feature that I simply cannot wait for is, get ready……Advanced Segmentation:

Advanced Segmentation will allow you to separate out your data (on-the-fly, nonetheless) so that you can look at smaller sub-sections of your traffic. This will help you to really gain the necessary insight into what your visitors are doing and how they are performing for you (behavior anyone?). Compare this data against your desired actions, and unravel some presently current mysteries. It also includes the ability to see both historical and current data, and then compare it side to side and learn what if anything has been changing over time. Compile this information along with the optimization efforts you have been making for clearer interpretation of what’s going on with each segment of your traffic.

How will this help you?

One way is that you will be able to perform more in-depth and more detailed analysis of your traffic. This will allow you to look at micro-segments instead of grouping all your traffic into one inter-mingled group and be forced to make grand generalizations as a whole. Advanced Segmentation if it was a person, would be one of your best friends.

If that’s not enough reason to be excited about advanced segmentation, how about when Avinash Kaushik makes a statement like this:

“If you want to find actionable insights you need to segment your web analytics data. You need to separate out the various Sources, Behavior and Outcomes” in his Google Analytics Releases Advanced Segmentation: Now Be A Ninja! blog post.

Can you say optimization opportunities are awaiting you just around the corner!

For a complete list and description of new features such as custom reporting, a data export API, ¬†and Motion Charts, including demos and links to more detailed FAQ’s, visit the Google Analytics Blog post, More Enterprise-Class Features Added To Google Analytics.

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