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Use the Impression Share Metric in Adwords to Uncover Opportunity


Use Google’s Impression Share report to get the metrics to determine if you have room to grow your Google AdWords PPC campaign in your target market. Impression Share reports on the percentage of times your ads were displayed out of the total number of page impressions possible to you in your market. For example, if your report range chosen was last week and your impressions are showing the number 1,000 and your Impression Share is showing 10%, you can infer that there is a possible 9,000 more impressions available to you to go after. Compare impression data over selected time periods to see if you are losing or gaining ground in your available market, or if there is more room for you to grow.

Google Adwords Impression Share Column

However, make sure you also compare this to your backend data and align with your marketing strategy as there may be available ground to gain in impressions but with less benefits to receive in gaining those additional impressions. Those who are using their PPC campaign ads as part of a branding strategy may want to gain more impression share than others for instance. With a highly profitable keyword or group you may want to test gaining more impression share.

So I bet you are wondering just how to improve your Google AdWords Impression Share? Google gives a few quick tips to improve your impression share such as improving ad quality, increasing you budget or bid, adjusting your keyword match type, and adjusting regional or placement targets.

Want to know how to view the Impression Share metric? View detailed steps in AdWords Impressions Share Reports FAQ .


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