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Increasing Response By Optimizing Your Web Forms


Whether you actively aware of it or not, your website has an important feature that you just might be overlooking in your marketing optimization regimen – the web form itself.  Sure it might be called your shopping cart checkout, your contact form that customers reach you through, your opt-in signup form for your email newsletter, or even your account creation form to access a message board or to make a purchase.  All the other parts of your pages may be on your optimization schedule, but if you are creating too much friction or frustration on your web form itself, you could be losing out on conversions.

  • Ask yourself, is all the information that I am requesting actually needed right there on this form at this time, or can I request it later. The more information you require now can correlate to a decrease in conversions.
  • Is your form button providing a strong call-to-action, or are you still using the old and non-influential “click here” or “submit” button copy. Motivate the customer and give them a reason to finish the required action! 

Not sure where to start or would like to get 25 great tips to optimizing the performance of your web form? Check out PalmerWebMarketing’s 25 Web Form Optimization Tips to get yourself headed in the right direction to more webform conversions.

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